January 4, 2011

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Tough Break Teaser

May 27, 2010

The first Video of many is in the works. This first video is going to be some from the 1st and 2nd MSXL from this year. This teaser is just a little bit of the footage that I have from the first MSXL. Check it out and let me know what you think.

WOw   what a weekend.  We got there friday to walk the field and I can’t say anything but good things about this field.  Turf on both fields and fully updated bunkers on both as well.

I video taped the first day but I used someone else’s video camera and was not able to get the footage off of there camera in time.  So that means that I am going to have to wait till I can get a nice video out of it.  Once I receive the video and finish editing it then I will be sure to upload it and let the world know.