August 25, 2010

I video taped and took pictures for this event with my new canon EOS Rebel t1i. The event started out rainy but it turned out to be a pretty good tournament.

Pbnation post

SEPS 6 Photo Album



June 7, 2010

MSXL #3 this weekend.

June 1, 2010

This weekend is going to be a blast. I video tape D4 Saturday and play in D3 Sunday. I am going to finish the rest of “Tough Break next week and will get it up. Dont forget to watch the teaser if you dont know what I am talking about.

Tough Break Teaser

May 27, 2010

The first Video of many is in the works. This first video is going to be some from the 1st and 2nd MSXL from this year. This teaser is just a little bit of the footage that I have from the first MSXL. Check it out and let me know what you think.

The Stickers are now available.  I have made Afro Stanley stickers and you will now get one with any video or picture package and you will also get one with any sticker order of 5 or more.   

Please place an order to get your free sticker.

Another great tournament.  I took pictures all day with Mark Bradshaw’s Nikon D80 DSLR.  We had to leave pretty early due to me living an hour and a half away, but I am sure other people had to travel much further than that for the tournament.  I took tons and tons of pictures and really tried to get some pictures of every team.  I know I did not succeed because of how many teams there was.  I would really like to get a camera and start taking pictures at all the tournaments I go to.

PBnation Post

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NCPA Nationals- 2010

April 12, 2010

It was a super long weekend but we (MTSU) ended up in 11th place.  I used a friends Camera and took a couple  hundred pictures.  I got some pretty good ones after we were knocked out.  Mainly the pictures that I took are just from Semi-finals.  Check them out and let me know what you think.

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